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12 days of Christmastide Christmas Box

A curated invitation to simple practices of rest, playfulness, and intention.

12 Days of Christmastide Celebration Box
Awaken into something more this Christma

Many of us know the song, but fewer know that the twelve days of Christmas begin, rather than end on Christmas Day. Christmastide is the short season that starts on December 25th and continues for the following eleven days. 


“The 12 Days of Christmastide” provides simple items and practices to consider the themes of gratitude, grief, and generosity. Themes that are embedded in the season, but remain unopened unless we intentionally tease them out. 


“The 12 Days of Christmastide” is an invitation to explore gratitude as more than just ‘being nice’; grief as fruitful and creative, not just something to endure; and generosity, not as a holiday obligation, but the key to compassion and wonder. 


“The 12 days of Christmastide” provokes a different pace. The contents of this box beckon us to slow down and veer away from the pressures of productivity, by asking us to rest long enough to consider the deeper emotions and spiritual realities that make us human.

Box Basics

What is actually in the box?

This box includes a 26 page booklet and a curated collection of 12 items or activities that will challenge you to think a bit deeper about this Christmas season.


Why won’t you tell us exactly what’s in the box?

The point is not for everything to be a secret, but to create an experience that begins with opening the box both physically and symbolically. Mostly, because the actual items themselves aren’t the point. Each item has a task or practice associated with it. The more we say ahead of time, the more you will form predetermined ideas and expectations. So, there’s a little bit of mystery involved. The themes of gratitude, grief, and generosity repeat over the 12 days to form a cycle of practices. If however, if you just have to have a bit more info to commit to your purchase... we understand that too! Feel free to reach out, and we’ll answer any other questions you might have. Thanks for taking a journey with us.


Who is this box for?

You can purchase this box for yourself or as a gift. While people of all ages can participate in the activities, children will likely need an adult to assist them with the details. 


When do I receive my box?

If you choose to pick up your box, it will be available at our Grand Rapids showroom on December 16, 17 and 20, 2021. If you choose to have your box shipped, boxes will be shipped out on December 13, to arrive at your home in the days before Christmas.


What if I want to purchase more than one box?

You are welcome to purchase as many boxes as you would like! If you would like to purchase and ship more than 6 boxes in total, please email us directly for a shipping quote. If you would like to send boxes to more than one address, you will need to check out each recipient address separately. 

Is the Chirstmastide Box the same as last year's box?

While we have made some small tweaks to this year's box, the box and experiences have remained the same.


Can I customize my box?

Our themed boxes, such as Christmastide, cannot be customized. However, we do offer the creation of custom curated boxes for corporate, non-profit, or private celebration clients. We would love for you to learn more about this service.


Additional questions?

If you have additional questions about the purchase of our Christmastide box, please feel free to email Jamie Carnes at

Christmastide Box Gift Frankincense and Myrrh

Day One of Christmastide - Actual Frankincense and Myrrh. Although many have heard of it in their childhood Christmas stories, you may not know that it is actually a wonderful incense that can be burned. Learn more about this unique piece and explore all that this season has to offer. 

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Kyle Carnes is a lover of canoeing, good whisky and The West Wing. He also has served as an Ordained Minister in the United Church of Christ since he graduated from Union Theological Seminary in 2008. Kyle has invested himself into finding paths for people to connect with the community around them in a way that calls them to pause, wonder and rest. He, along with his wife, Jamie, have created the Christmastide box as the fourth box in the Sabbath Box series. Kyle combines his theological background with Jamie's marketing degree to deliver a curated box that will call you to reflect and be intentional about the practices presented to you. For questions on the Sabbath Box series, or, to ask questions about the box creation process, email Kyle at

Kyle Carnes

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